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Finance for Graduate Drivers

Graduation is an exciting time for anyone who goes through it. With a career to forge in your chosen discipline, it would be exceptionally difficult to get moving without a vehicle which is why young drivers finance is important.

Forward Asset Finance offers the chance for recent graduates to buy their first car at affordable rates, but without the need for a parental guarantee.

In other words, it’s a chance at gaining your freedom, but without having to pay over the odds. Ask anyone who has their drivers licence and they’ll tell you, it’s not always easy to buy a vehicle and secure the necessary finance once you’ve graduated.

For more information on our financial services for graduate drivers, please get in touch with us today by giving us a ring on 0141 882 4288, or through the contact us page.

Young Drivers Finance

Not only do we provide car finance for recent graduates, but Forward Asset Finance also specialise in young drivers finance.

Like graduates, first time drivers tend to be of a younger age when they pass their driving test. As exciting as it is to be told that you’ve passed your driving test, it can be a little daunting to consider the next steps, namely buying your first car and paying for car insurance.

That’s why the right finance package is essential young drivers and graduates alike. Whatever savings that you make can go towards the considerable costs of a new car and insurance.

Qualifying Criteria

Like any other area of our asset-based lending, our experts will build your young drivers finance deal to suit your circumstances, but there are some key criteria to meet in order to qualify.

  • Been in full-time employment for the last 12 months.
  • Finance available up to £10,000.
  • Must be registered on the electoral roll.
  • Additional information may be requested upon application.

For recent graduates, this represents one of the best available opportunities to secure the funding required to purchase a new or used car. When you consider that many graduate jobs stipulate that the applicant can drive, this becomes an investment in your future.

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