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Second Hand Car Finance

With the large depreciation drops in new cars many people are turning to the pre-owned market to avoid the dreaded negative equity gap.

We provide a dedicated business manager function for some of the longest established pre-owned car suppliers, including:

In addition to assisting our vehicle partners, we can assist in the finance of pre-owned vehicles for customers who want to negotiate a deal for a used car either through traditional car sales outlets or deals which have been with a private individual.

Pre-owned Car Finance

We have a long and established record in pre-owned car finance and have the ability to provide second hand car finance for up to 15 years at end of term and even longer for classic cars. Pre-owned vehicles can be financed via hire purchase for up to 60 months and balloon lease purchase for up to 48 months, depending on the age of the vehicle

Whether it’s a pre-owned car for personal or business use, Forward Asset Finance have a network of lenders and the experience to guide you into the best pre-owned vehicle finance deal, so why not call today on 0141 882 4288  or contact us to prearrange your credit prior to sourcing your new pre-owned vehicle.

Used Car Finance Deals

When you’re in the market for the best used car finance deals in Glasgow or throughout the UK, look no further than Forward Asset Finance.

Our company was established with one goal in mind – to make asset based lending as simple as possible. Whether you’re a private customer, large corporation or a small business, our principles remain the same.

Our customers often tell us that prior to dealing with Forward Asset Finance, they thought that only the major used car finance companies were able to help them. However, after dealing with us, they were delighted to be proven wrong!

The key to our used car finance deals is flexibility. On one hand, we can assist with asset based lending for used cars that you’ve sourced individually or have made a deal with a private individual. We take multiple enquiries on that subject every single day. The alternative is to use our network of used car suppliers, and this is how we can offer you a variety of options that can suit any reasonable budget.

Second Hand Car Finance Options

At Forward Asset Finance, we understand that the vast majority of drivers have to delve into the second hand car finance market at some stage. When the time comes, obtaining used car finance deals shouldn’t be a stressful process, and our service is all about providing you with options, with each one tailored to you and your circumstances. If you’re looking for a balloon payment, that’s great. VAT only deposits? No problem.

Whatever the payment structure is that you’re looking for, our second hand car finance experts will discuss everything with you. Our flexible options also mean that if you’ve found the perfect used car finance deals being sold by a private individual, then we can step in to help finance the deal.

Along with our vast experience in the second hand car finance market, our service has evolved over time which allows us to offer all of the following:

  • Finance up to 15 years, and even longer for classic cars
  • Hire purchase available up to 60 months
  • Balloon payment packages available up to 48 months

For more information on the services we can provide, contact us today!