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Small Business Finance

Whether it is office equipment, printing press, JCB or business development funds, if you are a small business in need of additional financing to grow, we can help!

Forward Asset Finance can provide an array of solutions for your business including Hire Purchase, Unsecured Business Loan and Invoice Discounting. Our lenders are open for business and ready to make funds available. Ideally, they look for a minimum of three years trading history but new starts will be considered for standard assets such as cars, vans HGVs and yellow plant.

We have found that it is often the case most lending partners are unwilling to consider new lending applications due to internal liquidity issues. If this is the situation you find yourself in, then give us a call today on 0141 882 4288 and we will see if we can get your business motoring!

IT Finance

Forward Asset Finance has partners within the IT sector who provide bespoke IT and software solutions for a variety of businesses from the one man operations to large corporations.

IT finance typically takes the form of finance lease, normally on a three-year term with the ability to transfer ownership of the asset to a nominated party at the end of the primary lease period.

IT finance was an area within the finance and leasing industry which recently saw a drop off in finance providers, but we are delighted to say that we are now partnered with a lender who has an appetite for this sector and is showing a strong desire to underwrite new business in the months and years ahead. This partnership now provides the missing link to the array of asset finance solutions we now have available.

So if you need an upgraded phone system or an in-house, bespoke software and hardware package, why not give us a call on 0141 882 4288 – we can have your supplier paid and the latest technology working for you in a matter of days!

Ease the stress in your office and make running your business that little bit more stress free with a bespoke IT leasing solution from Forward Asset Finance. Contact us today!