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Used Car Finance Deals in Glasgow

When you’re in the market for the best used car finance deals in Glasgow, look no further than Forward Asset Finance.



Our company was established with one goal in mind – to make asset based lending as simple as possible. You may be a private customer or a burgeoning young business, our principles remain the same. Lots of our customers confess that prior to dealing with Forward Asset Finance, they thought that only the major used car finance companies were able to help them.

In each case they were delighted to be proven wrong!

The key to our used car finance deals is flexibility. On one hand, we can assist with asset based lending for used cars that you’ve sourced individually and you’ve made a deal with a private individual. We take multiple enquiries on that subject every single day. The alternative is to use our network of used car suppliers, including the likes of;

  • Farrell Motor Company, Glasgow
  • PCT Car Sales, Coventry
  • Ladeside Motors, Ayrshire
  • Hamilton Brothers, Turnberry

More than enough customers have went directly to the larger used car finance companies and been shoehorned into a finance package that suits the lender. With Forward Asset Finance, the curtain is lifted on the world of used car finance deals. Where the big boys like to dictate terms to their clients, we offer you a variety of options that can suit any reasonable budget.

Second Hand Car Finance Options

The vast majority of drivers have to delve into the second hand car finance market at some stage, unless they’re fortunate enough to have a generous loved one with deep pockets!


Used Car Finance Deals

When that time comes, obtaining second hand car finance quotes shouldn’t be a daunting process. With Forward Asset Finance, the opportunity is there to save some of your hard earned money. Our service is all about providing you with options, each one tailored to you and your circumstances. If you’re looking for a balloon payment, that’s great. VAT only deposits? No problem.

Whatever the structure is that you’re looking for, our second hand car finance experts will discuss everything with you. As we’ve covered, you won’t be limited to certain vehicles in our stock. If you’ve found the perfect second hand car being sold by a private individual – that’s fantastic. Pick up the phone to Forward Asset Finance and we’ll discuss your next steps.

As we’re so experienced in the second hand car finance market, our service has evolved allowing us to offer all of the following;

  • Finance up to 14 years – longer for classic cars
  • Hire purchase available up to 60 months
  • Balloon payment packages available up to 48 months

Asset Based Lending

In our role as a finance broker, it’s easy to assume that we get only get stuck into finance packages for new and used cars.

The reality is that we’re specialists in asset based lending, which can be applied to a wide range of collateral. In our twenty years we’ve provided finance deals against all sorts of collateral, including;

In our view, our job as a finance broker is to help you acquire your chosen asset for the very best terms available on the open market. It’s what asset based lending is all about.

Licenced by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT), everything we do is subject to the approval of the industry regulator. As we’re an independent broker, we won’t dictate that you accept terms from a narrow range of preferred suppliers. Instead we’ll do the hard work, finding you the very best deal.

Car Finance in Glasgow

As versatile as our asset based lending service is, the core of what we do lies in our approach to car finance in Glasgow.



With Forward Asset Finance, the process is simple. You pick up the phone and speak to our experts who can get the ball rolling. In most cases, your first call to us will be to discuss a car finance quote, go over the mechanics of how we provide our services and to ask us some questions.

Once we have a solid idea of what you’re looking to purchase, we can start to formalise plans for how you’ll purchase it. The thing about car finance in Glasgow is that you won’t be short of places to go, with all sorts of companies, large and small, available to provide you a quote.

The question to ask yourself is simple, is this the very best car finance quote available to me?

By dealing with Forward Asset Finance, you can relax knowing that the question has been answered by a team of industry experts. You won’t have to settle for the word of a used car salesman, speaking on behalf of a large used car supplier and their preferred lender.